Superheroes aplenty took their places at the starting line of the Skellingthorpe May Day 3k this morning.

Iron Man, several Spidermen and a Batman and Robin who were raising money for the Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance were among the runners to tackle the race held in Monson Playing Field.


Luke is a very enthusiastic runner and as a family we have taken part in the Lincoln Santa Fun Run twice and the Sports Relief Mile and I’ve been keeping a look out for any similar family friendly events.

3K ScheduleThe published schedule for the Skellingthorpe 3k seemed to suggest it would offer exactly the right atmosphere with it urging “If young children struggle to complete all 4 laps, don’t force them round – it’s a fun run after all!  All participants are entitled to their medal and goodies whatever distance they do”.

And the warmth of welcome and inclusivity projected by the organisers (the true superheroes of the day) were well rewarded as the participants ranged from the miniest of minis (3-month-old Faith came across a 5-month-old also taking on the course from the vantage point of a baby sling) to those competing to be the fastest under 5 all the way up to those who fit into the grander age categories.  All the younger competitors were allowed to choose some sweat bands and soon Luke was bedecked in a read headband and Willow in matching wristbands.

IMG_2038Luke and daddy got off to a speedy start but, despite competitive mummy’s eyes being on the under 5s’ prize, he also found other competitors and the water stations very interesting too as well as high-fiving stewards and stopping every now and then to make daddy say “ready, steady, run”.  He’d obviously read the notes that it was all about the taking part too.

IMG_2042Willow also made a very determined start and was very keen to keep up with those around her, her arms pumping as hard as her legs.  When she finally realised quite how far in front daddy and Luke were, however, she found it quite upsetting and completed her lap in mummy’s arms next to Faith in her sling.  Three people crossing the lap line on two legs garnered us a nice special mention from the lovely commentator followed by a more concerned “Are you all right mum?” at which point I assured him, off microphone, that we were headed off the track at that point.

Everyone loves a goody bag though don’t they and Willow’s good mood was soon restored when she discovered hers included not only a medal and wristband but also some biscuits and they fuelled her happy dancing whilst waiting for daddy and Luke at the finish line.

We’re definitely planning to be at the starting line again next year – perhaps we’ll even come as our super powered alter egos too!