If pantomime and tradition are synonymous to you then a trip to see Jamie Marcus Productions’ latest seasonal show at The Drill in Lincoln would definitely be a festive treat.

The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan and the Revenge of Captain Hook, running at the Freeschool Lane venue until January 2nd, is a sequel to J M Barrie’s original tale, reuniting the flying hero and his fairy friend with a now grown-up Wendy.

We’d had a slightly stressful run up to Friday night’s first night show – from finding it difficult to contact the box office ahead of the night, to a “fraught” school run that afternoon, to a possibly ill child on the way to the venue – so being able to sit back in our seats and enjoy being transported away to the magical fairy tale world of Neverland was a very welcome pleasure and seeing all four minis laughing, dancing, pointing in excitement and singing along with the show was joyous.

With James Campbell once again at the helm both directorially and on stage as the effervescent Dame Booty Barnacles the audience simply had to relax and relish the familiar jokes, scenes and playful interactions between the characters – always a highlight at The Drill.

I was particularly impressed by the vocal talents of Peter Pan (Charles M Duke), Tinks (Lilia Wood) and Wendy (Emma Clare) as well as the showcasing of the city’s homegrown talent, Daddy Malpi thought the Dame was on form, Luke liked the fight scene and the skit incorporating numerous confectionary names and Willow was very impressed when Captain Hook (Craig Garner) flew over the stage on a guitar.  The younger two minis delighted in being able to join in and Faith even woke up singing the next morning.

Willow had spoken to the stars of the show back in August – Willow meets the stars of of this year’s pantomime at The Drill in Lincoln – Oh yes she does! (it was really interesting to find out how watching pantomime as children was a formative experience for their own career choices) – and was keen to speak to them again after the show to find out what their favourite bits were, many thanks to James and Jordan Shiel (Mr Smee).

Enjoying the familiarity meant missing the usual live band and the production company’s signature seasonal advert parody but what’s for sure is that we will greatly miss the whole pantomime itself next year as Jamie Marcus has announced this is their last one.  Running for 17 years, we have been enjoying it ourselves for at least 14 of those and it will certainly leave a void in our Christmas holiday celebrations in 2024.

The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan and the Revenge of Captain Hook runs until January 2nd.  Call 01522 534160 or visit www.lincolndrill.co.uk for further information.  Let them know what you think of the show by using #lincolnsbestpanto on social media.