Peppa’s adventure proves great fun for all

#30DaysWild – Day 14


Peppa Pig's Adventure - cast(c) Dan Tsantilis

I can’t possibly start this review of Peppa Pig Live: Peppa Pig’s Adventure any way other than by saying how much my 17 month old loved it.

At previous shows we’ve taken her siblings to she’s often clapped along with the applause and enjoyed looking at all the lights but then either fed or slept through most of it.

In this morning’s production at the New Theatre Royal however, Faith was fully engaged throughout smiling, giggling, sat forward and focused on the stage, jiggling her body in excitement.

Including an interval it wasn’t a short show either but, as Willow’s first words 10 seconds after the curtain fell were “again, again”, it clearly thoroughly entertained my three year old too who was also a guest of the theatre.

And the delighted noises coming from the other mini audience members as their favourite characters came on stage for the first time in the show that encompasses a range of puppetry techniques meant they certainly weren’t alone in their enjoyment.

As well as Peppa, George, Pedro, Suzy and Gerald, the pre-school favourite was recreated faithfully through the bold colourful set and omniscient voice over.  Black-clad puppeteers maneuvered the smaller characters whilst Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig and Madame Gazelle could contain their actors inside the costumes.  They were joined by Daisy, a new girl starting at their school for her first day and joining them on their school camping trip.

There was, of course, plenty of opportunity for interaction and clapping, singing and dancing along which the young viewers took every advantage of.

Older audience members were equally charmed by the nighttime scene and the fireflies, bats and owls as well as the fun torchlight shadow play.

Water sprays added a delightful 4d theatre experience as a rain shower allowed Peppa and her friends to indulge in their love of jumping in muddy puddles.

I’ve already had several requests to “see show again” but next time can we have Danny Dog and Candy Cat too please?

Find out where else Peppa is performing at Peppa Pig Live!

The next children’s theatre show coming up at the New Theatre Royal in Lincoln is Dinosaur World Live, June 22nd-24th

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_14

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreenThe logistics of the day mean that Peppa and Daisy’s song about enjoying the great outdoors and the characters delight in their camping trip was our #30DaysWild activity of the day and it certainly fuelled my 3 year old’s desire to sleep under canvas again soon. 

#30DaysWild Day 5 – A Busy Day For Birds

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_05Have you been doing the Bookstart Bird Boogie this week?

The chosen book for this year’s National Bookstart Week (June 4th-10th) is A Busy Day for Birds by Lucy Cousins and we picked one up this morning at a Children’s Centre group.

ABusyDayForBirdsSimilar to last year’s Everybunny Dance, the title has proved a hit with the minis this evening as it is extremely enactable.

Shouting cock-a-doodle-doo, flapping their wings, hopping, swooping and wiggling their feathers along with the story, they copied the illustrations of woodpeckers, swans, parrots, starlings, flamingos, penguins, ostriches, peacocks, owls and more.

If you’re a friend of the feathered then you might like to know that the first Swift Awareness Week (June 16th-23rd) is coming up.


#30DaysWild Day 4 – #LincsHour

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04This evening our county’s weekly Twitter hour saw our discussion focus on this week’s  (June 5th) and  (June 8th) and it’s #PassOnPlastic campaign.

Clearly the environment is a subject that many #LincsHour (Mondays 8pm-9pm) tweeters are passionate about and it made for a very busy hour with lots of suggestions of things people are already doing or could do to help.

ClothNappiesTI asked if anyone else had used cloth nappies, sharing a photo of some of our reusable wardrobe.

Jackie Elton (@GreenAspiration) not only had but she’s used washable wipes too, something that’s on my list to look into.

With her Twitter bio reading “Loves Eco living, organics, sustainability, nature, Ethical Gifts, Salsa Dancing, Social Media esp Pinterest ” and running a website called Green and Natural Living, it’s not surprising that she had much to bring to the discussion – “Some of the things I do to reduce single use plastic beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm, bake my own bread, bamboo tooth brush & natural deordorant “, “every day I try to have as low environmental impact as possible. Including reducing waste & recycling, producing electricity via PV panels, planting plants for bees. Buying local & growing food”.

Jackie was also the first to mention 30 Days Wild and was going to look into the Great British Bee Count (May 17th – June 30th) that’s taking place now too.

Using insulated cups instead of single use ones is something both Anne Clarkson and Jane Means already do.

Litter and recycling were also two topics that were very important to everyone with calls for Keep Britain Tidy adverts to return, fines to be used more widely, better education on the subject, people to take part in beach cleans and recycling bins to be placed next to waste bins in town centres.

@LincsHour’s own @DebsCooper suggested the website Wise Up To Waste for some more useful hints and tips and also introduced us all to the Scandinavian fitness trend of “plogging” that’s just starting to get popular in the UK where jogging is combined with picking up litter.

Lydia Rusling told us about The Big Co-op Clean which is returning for its second year with events in Holbeach, Swaton near Sleaford, Caistor, Grimsby, Saxilby and Chapel Point Beach near Skegness.

And, if it’s a trip out to the coast that you’re interested in, Greenfield Caravans was hoping to see lots of people visiting Mablethorpe Beach for the Sand Sculpting Weekend (June 8th-10th) organised by Visit Lincs Coast to promote World Oceans Day.

If all that isn’t enough to fuel your #30DaysWild activities then take a look at Big Family Little Adventure’s suggestions to escape screens and Find the Fun Outdoors instead which includes buying a guide to wildflowers or birds and getting into gardening. 

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen

#30DaysWild Day 3 – Sunflowers

30Days3Earlier in the week we visited The Willows near Glentham to pick up some sunflower seeds.

HYKO9907[1]The garden centre was giving them out to competitive families vying to grow the tallest flower as part of National Children’s Garden Week (May 26th – June 3rd, 2018).

Today we actually got around to planting them so, seeing as that took us several days in itself, I’m not sure that we’ll achieving any first place prizes.

However, as last year our attempt at nurturing towering yellow flower heads was a complete fail, we’d probably just be happy if we achieve a few centimetres at least this time.

Need something to do whilst your sunflowers are growing?  Louise from Birds and Lilies can suggest 5 Ideas for Fun Garden Activities… 

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightorange

#30DaysWild Day 2 – Whisby Nature Park

30Days2From courting as teenagers to taking our mini ones to run off some of their seemingly endless energy, Whisby Nature Park has been one of our favourite places to visit for many years.

Managed by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, the park was created by quarrying for sand and gravel, but “nature has reclaimed the pits and bare sand, creating habitats for many species”.

Feathered encounters may include nightingales, swallows, great crested grebes, tits, finches, warblers, sand martins, terns, chiffchaffs and many more.

We’re more likely to encounter flocks with fellow fledglings looking for a family day out.  The minis like exploring the hides but haven’t yet quite developed the patience and skill of stillness to enjoy them as intended.

Fortunately in the centre of the park is the Natural World Centre which not only houses a bistro and shop but also two children’s adventure play areas – Otter’s Reach indoors and Little Darter’s outside.  Today’s lovely weather meant it was largely a Little Darter’s day.

And it looks like it’s also providing us with lots of lovely photo ops that will show the minis as they grow too – click here for what a difference two years makes.

Find out more at:

Need more reasons to visit?  Check out the seven suggested by Our Bucket List Lives at 7 great reasons why we love Whisby Nature Park, near Lincoln.


#30DaysWild Day 1 – Vegetable planting

30Days1This is the third year I’ve taken part in the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild initiative but yet again June has crept up all too quickly on me and my best laid plans haven’t even actually been laid so I’m taking the call to enact a month of “Random Acts of Wildness” at its most randomness.

I thought I had at least the first few days covered with a planned camping trip for the end of half term but the predicted thunder storms led to us opting to stay home instead.

So it was into the back garden that the eldest two minis headed to plant some lettuce and radishes.

In previous years their zeal for growing vegetables led to excessive watering and meant very little actually made it to a plate – fingers crossed for our tummies sake that the forecasted downpours don’t drown our salad even quicker this year.

If you’re looking for some proper planning inspiration then check out The Life Schoolers Instagram post showing their month all planned out.  I particularly liked their idea of using post-it notes in case they wanted to swap them around or do something different on the day, I might borrow that idea for a future year when the minis can be trusted not to do the rearranging just for fun themselves.  

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen

The destination for your imagination this July

Newark Book Festival 2018

NBF1The fantastical tales we read as children often stay very real within our imaginations but isn’t it fabulous when they sometimes take actual 3D form too?

PlaceCalledHomeNewark Book Festival 2018 (July 13th-15th) will see knights, bookworms, the Gruffalo, very, very, very long dogs and fat cats, aliens, gardeners and much more popping out of the pages of a book into storytimes, dramatic presentations and character appearances.  And you can even transform yourself into a literary character too and take part in the fancy dress competition.

LongDogInteraction is always key in any children’s event but there are also dedicated workshops to make sure your mini one’s own imagination takes centre stage including a fantasy writing workshop with Gareth Baker (recommended ages 8-12) and the chance to make a concertina stand-up book (all ages).  Author and illustrator Julia Patton will also be helping Newark Library launch the Summer Reading Challenge (age 4-11) encouraging young readers to keep celebrating their love of stories long after the weekend is over.

LittleRedReadingAnd it’s not surprising that at a book festival the love of reading itself becomes the subject of events.  Little Red Reading Hood by Lucy Rowland and Ben Mantle sounds a perfect title for little literary lovers and, for us older ones who still hold fairytales close BookwormLMto our hearts, Lucy Mangan’s Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading (among the many adults events on offer) will see the author and her interviewer Tina Bettison “take a trip down a rabbit hole and a visit to Narnia” as “she relives our best-loved books, their extraordinary creators and looks at the thousand subtle ways they shape our lives”.

Whether you’re cruising down the river on the Ship of Stories or exploring fairy trails in the Castle’s Enchanted Forest, Newark will be a very magical place for all literary lovers to visit in July.

Find out more at and join in the conversation using #newarkbf.