A former journalist, I’ve been juggling a variety of jobs ever since I’ve been juggling children too.

With a 10 year old son and 8, 6 and 2 year old daughters (and a 43-year-old husband) I’m often told I look like I have my hands full but my life is very full of love too so it’s certainly worth the sleepless nights, endless nappy changes and constant preparation of food for everyone but me.

My 6 year old daughter has Down’s Syndrome so we are privileged to be part of #TheLuckyFew.

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Flossie & Boo – Discount code Minimalpi10 
Teddo Play – Follow the link or use discount code MINI10  

The Mini Malpi has been featured on:
BBC News: Want, need, wear, read: Will the ‘four gift rule’ take off?
The Mummy’s Movement: Loving a designer label
Mini Mummi Blogger: Making a cardboard box town

I’ve previously blogged at:
Printables series for Ink Factory
FranKeys Independent Estate Agency News
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If you’d like to say hello, then please email me at enuvs@yahoo.co.uk
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