Does the year 2016 still sound futuristic to anyone else even though we’re living in it?

If time didn’t keep accelerating with your own advancing years anyway, a sure fire way to make sure it travels at supersonic speed is to have children and try not to blink whilst you watch them growing from tiny baby to toddler and beyond.

And, whilst they’re changing all the time, so are you and your family unit.  My cultural references certainly didn’t used to include the programme this post’s title alludes to until a couple of years ago.  And, while our telly seems to be permanently stuck on channel 121, our bookshelves have been refilled with lift the flaps, touch and feel and pop-up titles.

I started my parenting blogging journey for a local family magazine Molly’s Guide – click here to read my Luke’s Guide posts – and since then I’ve missed writing about our little adventures so decided that I should finally get on with setting up my own blog and so here it is.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them!