TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_24We had our own disappointing personal news to contend with on Friday morning when we discovered that Luke will have to have grommets in again.

His hearing measured even lower than at his previous test and glue ear is definitely still very much a problem.

We were more or less expecting this but what we weren’t expecting was to be told he may need a another procedure further down the line too.  It isn’t being carried out now as he is very light for his age but another eight or nine months in the future when they’d review the latest grommets and it might be the right time.

So we needed cheering up.

Our signing class always succeeds in that but we also decided to head back to Go Outdoors afterwards and just choose a different tent to buy after our previous failed attempt.  The staff were very helpful (probably as anxious to get our two mini enthusiastic explorers out of the store as we were!) and this time we left with a four-man canvas home in hand.

We left, of course, right in the middle of a downpour.  So we haven’t had chance to put the new tent up yet to check it (not that Luke thought this was a suitable reason) and it cemented our decision not to camp that weekend after all but the promise of holidays to come helped to lift spirits.

IMG_20160624_191731179And who doesn’t love a sticker?

Having had to spend the better half of the day inside and missing our park date in the late afternoon due to the weather I re-found the sticker books I’d bought before the start of #30DaysWild for just such an occasion.

Usborne First Sticker Book Nature and Hedgehogs, Hares and other British Animals, a nature sticker book from the National Trust, provided our fingertips with more than 300 stickers for some bedtime fun.
TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25

Willow started Saturday with the opportunity to get behind a dinosaur mask again – have you ever heard a baby triceratops roar? – this time at the Lincoln Mums Expo at The Showroom.  And they both got to pretend to be mini dolphins at their normal swimming classes.


But otherwise it was a case of more rain, more stickers.  But seeing as the books were eagerly asked for before bedtime it was nice to know they were good purchases.

30DAYSWILD_ID1 black