TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_21My son was obviously in the #30DaysWild mood from the start of yesterday finding a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar for us to read when out and about early in the day.

It was all about the skies for me though as the white fluffy clouds on background of light blue were distinctly different to Monday’s views.

Buoyed by the changing weather and some helpful advice from a Facebook family camping group we set off in the late afternoon to buy a tent from Go Outdoors to replace our old sieve-like structure.

We’re not known for making decisions, let alone quick decisions, so something was bound to go wrong.  We made it to the till with what we thought was our choice to find out that it was a much more expensive one that had been stored in the display model that we had chosen and we didn’t notice the difference because they’d sold out of the one we wanted.

I think most parents know that they shouldn’t promise things to their children unless they’re 100% sure they’re going to happen.  We certainly had that impressed upon us as the possibility of leaving the store without a tent clearly wasn’t going to be accepted by my three year old.


So we ended up buying the cheapest one they had in store to be able to camp out in the wilds of our back garden instead.  It’s much more appropriately sized for here than our previous canvas home but wasn’t quite what we were looking for, for this weekend.  Back to the drawing board on that one…

But clearly the home one is a success – within in minutes of it being up (if not slightly before), Willow made sure it had all the comforts of home by bringing out the Mr Tumble DVD to put in it and Luke had requested his pyjamas on.
TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_22

As anyone else who works from home knows, there are definite pros and cons to such an arrangement.

Being able to sit at your desk, laptop on, with your doors and windows open and your keyboard tapping being accompanied by bird song and light summer breezes definitely has to be one of the great advantages.

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