TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19Mother Nature was obviously in the mood to celebrate fathers on Sunday as the sun was thankfully smiling on the day.

After Luke and Willow had listened to daddy read his new book The Dinosaur That Pooped Daddy, helped him try on his new socks and tasted his sweets, we headed to one of our favourite places, Whisby Natural World Centre.

A local nature reserve owned and managed by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, it has made a great effort to welcome families over the years and its current developments haven’t left out their little visitors either.

Otter’s Reach is their new indoor adventure play area and, having already visited with grandparents, the mini ones ignored the lovely sunshine and headed straight inside.

Fortunately there is a lovely view out on to the lakes and the birds enjoying the sun so you don’t forget where you are.


Unsurprisingly there’s lots to do outside too though and, when they had their fill of Otter’s Reach, they then went straight to the Little Darters area with its tunnels and bridges out over the water, sand and water play and sculptures.

Visitors to the Nature Reserve can also enjoy walks around the lakes which we have on many previous occasions too.  “The park was created by quarrying for sand and gravel, but nature has reclaimed the pits and bare sand, creating habitats for many species.”  Find out more on the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust website.


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20

Today, however, was wet.  Very wet.

It necessitated a change of clothes when I finally made it home from a play group.

My shoes proved exceedingly porous too so a significant amount of the weather came inside with us.

IMG_20160620_132017109I did stop briefly to snap these fungi intrigued by their formation but, as much as I am grateful to #30DaysWild for further fuelling my interest in nature and sharing it with my children and prompting me to look out for such sights, today it was probably 30 seconds I could have been closer to home!

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