TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17Thanks to our Tiny Talk class teacher Lynne we now know how to sign thunder and lightning following Wednesday’s stormy excitement.

Typically, whilst today had better weather in store for us, we had indoor activities planned with a play group followed by the toddler signing session.

Not only did we learn signs to do with the weather but we also planted sunflower seeds in pots we decorated for daddy ahead of Fathers’ Day (shh don’t tell daddy until Sunday).

I hadn’t had anything else wild planned ahead so thanks Lynne for inadvertently taking the pressure off!  And I must say her bubble machine makes much nicer pretend rain than the real downpours we’ve been walking in recently.

But Luke is quite capable of finding his own natural entertainment anywhere we go too and my mini explorer took time to find a stick to drag and a leaf pile to kick through (what season are we in?!) even in the most urban of settings of the middle of a road crossing.

Just like these fungi we spotted, determinedly poking through the bark on the edge of the supermarket car park, nature fortunately always wants to reclaim our concrete jungles doesn’t it?

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen