TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_11We braved the rain at its lightest drizzle on Saturday evening to go for a trike ride to get the mini ones some fresh air after they had been inside most of the day.


A fall just before leaving almost prevented us going altogether, and sadly Luke has quite the bump on his forehead to show for it, but when he’d calmed down he decided he did want to go after all.  As long as daddy was pushing him anyway, as he does the best wheelies.

Willow enjoyed running her hands along the hedges  and feeling the leaves when mummy’s dodging steering allowed her to get close to the edge of the paths.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12Sunday was a bit more successful for outside time as we were able to get out and about early and take advantage of a dry spell.

Much to Luke’s delight not one but two mini steam train rides were paid for and allowed for a sit down and chug alongside village fields.

In the afternoon, in between showers, Willow made friends with a horned resident of our local ice cream farm.

And in the early evening they tried out the new watering can and plant pot given to them by grandmum on the vegetables that grandma and pops have been growing for us, our original attempts either having been enjoyed by snails or subject to overly zealous watering from our littlest helper.

This only required the two outfit changes for Luke when he decided to water himself as well as the vegetables but he did also enjoy chomping into a squishy tomato or two straight from the vine again, one of which might even have been nearly ripe enough for picking.