TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_27Monday was a day of work and decluttering and there wasn’t much time for anything else so my something wild for the day will be to help publicise another event that’s putting the natural world at its centre.

HeritageOpenDaysThe Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days Festival will take place in September.  With more than 180 free events on offer across the county, this year’s theme is Natural Lincolnshire.

Events on offer range from tours of haunted Old King’s Head in Kirton and a new Heritage Music Microfestival to a rare opening of Dowsby Hall and Gardens.  Guided walks and talks will include the International Bomber Command Spire Memorial, Lincolnshire’s Lost River, Willow Tree Fen Bat Walk and a rare guided tour of Torksey Castle.  Children’s activities will be on offer at Temple Bruer Knights Templar Tower, Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust reserves, Gainsborough Old Hall and more.

Heritage Lincolnshire’s Cultural Events Officer Beverley Gormley says: “Year after year, Lincolnshire’s Heritage Open Days prove a real winner with local people and visitors as they provide free, unique opportunities to go behind the scene of heritage venues and discover the region’s hidden histories.

“The events are a wonderful way of bringing people together to learn about their local history, enabling our local heritage venues, nature reserves, organisations, towns and villages to develop a lasting relationship with people in the area.”

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TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_28Day 28 of #30DaysWild was another day in June so, of course, was another day of rain.

So we hit the books again with Animal Sounds, Animal Actions, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and Mad About Minibeasts fuelling our bedtime imaginations.

GardenEncyclopediaWe also had a look through another library find – Garden Encyclopedia by Rufus Bellamy – which promised to answer the question “What’s lurking in your backyard?”

The book takes you through what you might find On the Lawn, In the Hedge, Up a Tree, In the Flowerbed, In the Vegetable Patch, In the Yard, By the Pond and In the Air.

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