TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_11Day 11 – Talking a walk

Since Luke started school in September and we were unable to get a local school space I’ve been driving the school run nearly every day and not walking nearly as much as I used to and, most of the time, I miss it.  Today logistics determined that Daddy Malpi had the car for the nursery, school and work run and I got to revisit the pathways I used to use daily for some very welcome fresh air.


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12Day 12 – Through Faith’s eyes

IMG_1846One of my favourite things about being a mummy is the chance to see the world anew through your children’s eyes and I’m loving Faith’s interest in everything at the moment including reaching out from the sling to feel any stray branch or leaf.  The tree’s foliage isn’t always as intact as prior to having its twigs shaken by her hand but I hope they feel some of the warmth of her wonder at their existence.


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13Day 13 – Toes in the grass

IMG_1883To try and combat some of her hypermobility and give her ankles extra support for standing, Faith can currently be seen sporting some lovely little pink boots whilst we wait for an orthotics appointment.  They are very cute and are obviously helping but it also seems slightly cruel in the heat and as she still uses her feet a lot like a second pair of hands so today we made time for her to feel the grass tickle between her toes.


30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen