30Days2One of the things I particularly remember about last year’s #30DaysWild (alongside all the positive things obviously) was the weather.

It wasn’t exactly one of the sunniest months.

Recent days have given me hope, however, that this year’s challenge might be made slightly easier by more clement conditions and this morning’s sun was very encouraging.

IMG_7307[1]Daddy Malpi redeemed himself for sowing the #30DaysWild wild flower seeds before June by helping both Luke and Willow to take their early morning crafting out into the back garden.

And who can fail to be happy when cutting, sticky taping, gluing and colouring, let alone when doing so to the sound of birdsong and the feel of an early morning breeze?  (Ignoring Daddy’s remonstrations about ever sleeping past 6am again in his life).

I felt a touch guilty taking them to an inside activity for the morning on such a glorious day but they often meet friends at the group and hadn’t been able to attend the week before.

Plus it has a lovely outside area we could play in afterwards and today the willow structure became a forest that they were collecting sticks from to take into the playhouse.

The plan when arriving back home was to return to the craft table but, as you’ve probably guessed was coming, it decided to rain instead so I had a quick run around the garden collecting in the cardboard boxes, patterned papers etc.

I have a feeling I still need to buy that raincoat I promised myself last year.