TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_09

On day two of last year’s #30DaysWild, Grandmum joined Willow and I for a gentle cruise down the river that leaves from the Brayford Pool in the city centre.

This year, it was Luke and Faith’s turn to join me on the same trip.

Having enjoyed a boat trip whilst at Center Parcs recently, albeit a much smaller one, the promise of the afternoon cruise was designed as a treat to help Luke through his morning’s hospital appointment.

Looking after a four year old with a lot of pent up energy whilst trying to breastfeed a four month old is never easy, let alone on a boat, so both my attention and camera hand were restricted for most of the journey but we were still able to enjoy much of the commentary and sights as we sailed out into the countryside and back into the city centre.

I loved spotting a swan family looking after their growing cygnets and Luke pointed excitedly down to the water enjoying the alternative mode of transport and leaving land behind again which he has only done a few times in his life.

He was also particularly excited to hold up his new toy fire engine (early bribe in the hospital trip part of the day) against a real fire engine he spotted on the side of the water.  But that just reminded me that Willow last year had particularly enjoyed trying on Grandmum’s gloves during her trip.

Also, just the same as last year, I’d like to say a special thank you to the ladies of the Brayford Belle.  As well as helping to get the stroller on and off the boat and up and down the stairs leading to its mooring, one lady helped Luke up and down the boat’s steps while I carried Faith and was even at pains to make sure I was as comfortable as possible whilst feeding Faith, offering us extra cushions whilst both inside downstairs and also when sat upstairs.  Thank you!

In other wild news: Have you heard about the Great British Wildflower Hunt?  Find out more here: