Day8bTo mark World Oceans Day – which this year is calling on world leaders to protect 30% of out blue planet by 2030 – we started off the day by finding a Go Jetters episode and an Andy’s Aquatic Adventures episode on the iPlayer before switching over to YouTube to watch some songs about the world’s five oceans.

Thanks to Twinkl printables again we labelled the five oceans – Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern – and did some fishy-themed addition and under the sea-themed subtraction.

Whilst my five-year-old’s take away from all this was that her favourite oceanic creature is a mermaid, she is hopefully at least aware of how blue our planet is and my seven year old did have quite a positive reaction to the Go Jetters episode, switching off any lights that had been left on unecessarily to save energy.

Later in the day one of the butterfly activities I’d planned for day six was finally realised.  A more enjoyable form of bedtime procrastination led to Willow performing a puppet show (using Twinkl printables) of The Hungry Caterpillar.


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