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Today we spotted lots of holes in leaves in our garden that some hungry caterpillars may have been snacking on.


Luke’s class have been looking after some caterpillars at school and have just seen them fly away.

Back in May we looked at their transformation cycle as part of his homework.  Luke enjoyed dressing up as The Hungry Caterpillar and re-enacting the story by Eric Carle, curling up as the egg, hatching into a caterpillar, finding a blanket to make his chrysalis with and then finding some wings to become the butterfly.


We also read Christopher’s Caterpillars by Charlotte Middleton and Two Little Bugs by Mark and Rowan Sommerset and listened to the Caterpillar Butterfly CD included in the Discover Nature Audio Collection.

And, just at the end of May, we also took a trip to Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre near Sheffield.  We had a lovely day out there although the minis’ enjoyment of the play areas, bike track, fairy village (specific event), other animals, tractor ride, splash zone, ice cream, dinosaur trail and paleontologist’s sand pit dig meant we didn’t actually make it to the butterfly house until nearing the end of the day but we did finally see the winged ones before heading back to the shop.

Looking for a butterfly house further south?  Check out Luschka’s day out at Butterfly and Fountain World, Isle of Wight over on her blog Giving Up Normal

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