TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04This evening our county’s weekly Twitter hour saw our discussion focus on this week’s  (June 5th) and  (June 8th) and it’s #PassOnPlastic campaign.

Clearly the environment is a subject that many #LincsHour (Mondays 8pm-9pm) tweeters are passionate about and it made for a very busy hour with lots of suggestions of things people are already doing or could do to help.

ClothNappiesTI asked if anyone else had used cloth nappies, sharing a photo of some of our reusable wardrobe.

Jackie Elton (@GreenAspiration) not only had but she’s used washable wipes too, something that’s on my list to look into.

With her Twitter bio reading “Loves Eco living, organics, sustainability, nature, Ethical Gifts, Salsa Dancing, Social Media esp Pinterest ” and running a website called Green and Natural Living, it’s not surprising that she had much to bring to the discussion – “Some of the things I do to reduce single use plastic beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm, bake my own bread, bamboo tooth brush & natural deordorant “, “every day I try to have as low environmental impact as possible. Including reducing waste & recycling, producing electricity via PV panels, planting plants for bees. Buying local & growing food”.

Jackie was also the first to mention 30 Days Wild and was going to look into the Great British Bee Count (May 17th – June 30th) that’s taking place now too.

Using insulated cups instead of single use ones is something both Anne Clarkson and Jane Means already do.

Litter and recycling were also two topics that were very important to everyone with calls for Keep Britain Tidy adverts to return, fines to be used more widely, better education on the subject, people to take part in beach cleans and recycling bins to be placed next to waste bins in town centres.

@LincsHour’s own @DebsCooper suggested the website Wise Up To Waste for some more useful hints and tips and also introduced us all to the Scandinavian fitness trend of “plogging” that’s just starting to get popular in the UK where jogging is combined with picking up litter.

Lydia Rusling told us about The Big Co-op Clean which is returning for its second year with events in Holbeach, Swaton near Sleaford, Caistor, Grimsby, Saxilby and Chapel Point Beach near Skegness.

And, if it’s a trip out to the coast that you’re interested in, Greenfield Caravans was hoping to see lots of people visiting Mablethorpe Beach for the Sand Sculpting Weekend (June 8th-10th) organised by Visit Lincs Coast to promote World Oceans Day.

If all that isn’t enough to fuel your #30DaysWild activities then take a look at Big Family Little Adventure’s suggestions to escape screens and Find the Fun Outdoors instead which includes buying a guide to wildflowers or birds and getting into gardening. 

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