TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_29Another rainy day and one I was quite happy to hide indoors from if my two year old hadn’t insisted on leaving the house.

If we hadn’t have gone out I would have missed the wonderful service she was given in a clothes shop even though all the shoes she tried on were too big.  Many thanks to the Peacocks ladies – I think you have won an enthusiastic mini customer (when her feet have grown a bit more anyway).


Bees seem to like lavender in the sun too

And I would have missed the rich scent the rain brought out from the lavender in a neighbouring garden that we passed on the way back.  I wasn’t dawdling due to the conditions but it still gave me pause to take in one of those simple things in life that are mood lifting.

Children don’t always view weather conditions the same as adults do.  I wonder when it starts to change?  Hopefully not too soon for Willow.

Did you know?: Today is International Mud Day

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