TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_26With a planned day out to an under 10s theme park, I wasn’t sure what form today’s #30DaysWild would take.

Fortunately Luke had it covered immediately.

As soon as he made it downstairs he wanted to make a bee out of a bottle.  Apparently Mister Maker would know how to.

Not to be outdone by Mister Maker, Daddy rose to the challenge very quickly, even providing the apian with teeth which seemed to be very important.


Apparently Mister Maker would have used a lollipop stick as well, at which point daddy went back to reiterating the importance of getting ready to go out for the day.

(Only four days left in The Great British Bee Count)

I needn’t have worried anyway.  Sundown Adventureland’s play areas are predominantly outside and any open air attraction would feel barren and unwelcoming if it didn’t incorporate nature’s colourful offerings into its design too.

Fortunately the Nottinghamshire theme park obviously employs groundsmen as well as ride operators and their efforts were being smiled upon by some very bright blue skies today.