TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_22

A day out at the Lincolnshire Show afforded the chance to not only meet a range of farmyard animals, take in the fresh air across the Showground’s 200+ acres and explore the celebration of the rural side of our county but it also gave me the opportunity to meet Mark from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Someone must have let slip about my lack of flower identifying skills as, with the benefit of having their marquee opening on to a small meadow, Mark was offering #30DayWilders the chance to find out more about the wildflowers there.

Introducing me to Lady’s Bedstraw and agrimony, I also learnt that thistles and daisies are related and that each flower head is actually lots of small flowers gathered together to look like one.

I’m now quite tempted to take a magnifying glass out on our walks – thank you Mark!