TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_20One of the best things about #30DaysWild is that it literally encourages you to take time to stop and smell the roses and it makes me much more observant of my immediate environment than I normally am when just getting from A to B.

Britmums, “Britain’s biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers & social influencers”, runs a regular monthly photo prompt challenge with daily themes – #SnapHappyBritMums – and today’s prompt was “Colour”.

And today’s walk to and from a children’s group definitely provided that.

From all shapes and sizes – little and large, fluted and bells, sprays and buds, petals and leaves, striped and spots, short and tall, fuzzy, silky and spiky – and all situations – cultivated and wild, in garden flower borders, hanging baskets, plant pots, peeking over fences, bursting through cracks  in pavements, walls and roads reclaiming their natural place in our tarmacked city – my eyes were treated to a full rainbow of colours too.

Numerous shades of green, pinks and purples, oranges, red and black, whites and yellows were all there just for the noticing.

With such a bounty on my doorstep I’m ashamed I cannot put more names to them than I can.  I’m fine with the poppies, buttercups, daisies, roses, dandelions, lavenders and ivies of my pathways but would definitely need help identifying some of their neighbours.

If you would like a find identified, be it flora or fauna, then the #30DaysWild community in the Facebook group is definitely a good place to post – full of knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic fellow wildlife lovers.  In fact I may just pop over there to post a link to this now…

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen