TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17This weekend is the Wildlife Trusts’¬†Big Wild Weekend organised as part of #30DaysWild.

We wanted to go to somewhere we haven’t explored before so headed to Far Ings National Nature Reserve to enjoy their open day.

“The chain of flooded clay pits and extensive reedbeds along the Humber Bank” had plenty for mini hands to enjoy from making bird feeders and bee hotels to colouring, plaiting bookmarks, identifying poo, searching for colourful flowers, investigating a nature detective trail and pond dipping, all aided by both knowledgeable and lovely staff members.

And it also gave me the opportunity to take what’s now one of my favourite photos of Luke.


Find out more about the “diverse landscape made up of reedbeds, meadow and scrub, and both freshwater and saltwater environments”, visit¬†

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