TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_14Last year I was particularly impressed by several #30DayWilders who wrote on the Facebook group about doing litter picks with their children as one of their acts of wildness.

It’s something I would like to do with the minis when they are older too.

At the moment I think they’re too young and might enthusiastically tackle the task before I’m able to discern whether what they are picking up may hurt them or not so I currently mainly talk about how we don’t litter ourselves and if they point anything out say that it was wrong of people to drop it.

One item of litter I often can’t help myself picking up though is the plastic rings that tie beer cans together.

plastic can rings

There is something specific I learnt about at primary school about birds such as swans and ducks getting their necks stuck in them that has evidently stuck in my mind and compels me to make sure they are disposed of more carefully.

So I was particularly proud of Luke recently bringing me one and saying “bin”.

Double proof that it does pay to start early when encouraging young conservationists.

At least the plastic rings don’t have sharp edges although now I have to be hyper aware of what behaviours of mine he may copy next!

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