TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_13Another day of rain so bedtime story time rescued our #30DayWild efforts.

Christopher’s Caterpillars follows our guinea pig hero as he makes pets of the caterpillars that are nibbling his dandelion seedlings.

When the caterpillars mysteriously disappear from their jars, Christopher and his friend Posie make missing posters to put up all over Dandeville.

Christopher Nibble Caterpillars

After we discovered the colourful reason behind their apparent disappearance along with Christopher we then watched a few videos on YouTube following the metamorphic life cycle of a butterfly.

ButterflyGardenSetSome #30DayWilders have been filling us in on the progress of their own butterfly gardens in the Facebook group.

It’s the first time I’ve heard of these kits and definitely something that goes on my list to do for another year.

30DAYSWILD_ID2 lightgreen