(With Daddy in a full day of meetings, mummy not feeling 100% and the minis still at full energy levels, Day 12 was… well… let’s just skip on to Day 13 shall we?)Day 13

We may not have baked banana bread but one lockdown bingo box we can tick is finding a new beauty spot on our doorstep.

Despite living only about seven miles away from Ashing Lane Nature Reserve for about as long as it has existed we only discovered it by doing a Google search for a new woods to explore at the beginning of lockdown.

One of our favourite places to go, Chambers Farm Woods, had proved lots of other people’s favourite place to go too and we wanted to find somewhere a bit easier to maintain social distance.

The mix of woodland and meadows which also features a pond and a lake has afforded us several varied visits both before travelling restrictions were put in place and after they were relaxed again.

Today the information boxes had been refilled by Nettleham Woodland Trust volunteers and we followed the 20-point family nature trail (also available to download from their website) that led us to more areas that we hadn’t walked through before including past a willow tunnel and nearby a roe buck deer sculpture.

The reserve has quickly become one of my favourite natural places to visit around Lincoln and today was excellent for seeing shapes in the clouds, spotting bees and butterflies, picnicking and finding lots of different bright summer colours in between the plentiful foliage.

The access road isn’t great, narrow and exceedingly bumpy the closer you get to the small car park, but it’s also accessible via footpaths and bridleways too.

Today’s trip ended in a slightly distressing way however as my husband suddenly had a severe hayfever attack which rendered him virtually unable to see but don’t worry, we didn’t “do a Cummings” as I drove home instead.

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