TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_12Today was a day of two parks.

Our local park was deserted for most of our lunchtime play session which was presided over by a classic dramatic wide Lincolnshire sky with rolling fluffy clouds alternating with a few slightly greyer ones (which were probably one of the reasons it was so quiet).

It was an hour in the summer sun of fun sliding, climbing achievement and helpful cooperation – although that sadly didn’t make it all the way home!

The minis later behaviour at home clearly showed they wanted to be outside again and Facebook helpfully reminded me that the latest Lincoln Bubbler (Burbuliatorius Linkolne) event was scheduled for this evening.

Taking place fortnightly on a Monday from 6.30pm in the Arboretum in Lincoln during late Spring and through Summer, it’s an event we’ve been meaning to attend for a while now but have never managed to organise ourselves at the appropriate time.


We were very well rewarded for finally managing it tonight though with beaming smiles, lots of giggles and very well exercised children from chasing their soapy prey – let’s face it, who doesn’t love a bubble?  Willow was so focused on her popping targets that she bumped into a few equally enthusiastic chasers along the way but nothing kept her down when there were more floating by.

This time the park was very busy and the families taking part in their own sporting races, the friends using the park as a meeting place, the children using the play park equipment and those of us assembled to celebrate our translucent orbs engendered a lovely fun and relaxed atmosphere.

It’s the simple things in life, isn’t it?  As I wrote after our visit to Boultham Park on Day Three – public green spaces are so precious.

If you love parks too then you might want to join in Love Parks Week (July 14-23) and “tell the world why you love your park” in order to “help us protect them for future generations”.

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