TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_10Today’s rain saw the minis coalescing to cause chaos in the supermarket and DIY shop aisles rather than running through fields of wheat.

I did get slightly excited when I thought I spotted a goldfinch early in the day but daddy Malpi made it quite clear our concentration should have been on getting everyone undercover again rather than staring into trees.

We did get exceedingly wild later in the day though, albeit not with wildlife particularly native to the UK.

Luke’s nursery homework is currently to find something for his sound pot beginning with the letter of the week.

Next week’s letter is J. ¬†He didn’t want jellyfish or jam or jar – he was quite clear in his choice of jaguar.


Before bed we looked up jaguars on YouTube so he would have more of an idea of what they are other than just the fabric spotted entry in his ABC animal train and we learnt how to tell the difference between jaguars, leopards and cheetahs. ¬†Fortunately they don’t all share the same habitats so it’s not a faux pas you’re likely to make if attending a dinner party with one.

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