Day10Looking at a soggy cow through our car window was about as wild as we got today – not a sentence I would have ever have predicted I’d write when starting this blog I must admit.

Usually a trip to our local ice cream farm Daisy Made would include an opportunity to interact with a small collection of animals including pygmy goats, rabbits and guinea pigs and seeing the cows from afar as well as enjoying the play areas alongside guzzling down one (or two) of their vast range of dairy ice cream flavours.


Today, of course, it’s just the drive through that’s currently operating with a reduced selection but it was still just as yummy and we were at least able to wave to one of Daisy’s friends on the way in.

And we did also watch a CBeebies Maddie’s Do You Know episode on iPlayer all about snails (and tractors) because, of course, you can never know too much about our spirally friends.

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