If you’ve spotted live mannequins in the city’s shop windows, had an exclusive event tote bag thrust into your hands in the High Street or seen demonstrations of the latest hairstyles all the cool kids are choosing to display then you’ll know this week is Lincoln Fashion Week 2017 (April 28 – May 5).

Lincoln’s fashionistas were encouraged to sign up to sashay down the various catwalks showing off the best of what the city has to offer in this season’s styles and the mini ones were very keen to answer the call.

I’m sure I’m not the only mummy who’s never quite sure how their children are going to behave in certain situations but both Luke and Willow enjoyed taking part last year (Model behaviour) so much that I thought it was definitely worth giving it a go.

This year the venue for the Children’s Fashion Event was Debenhams in the St Mark’s Shopping Centre, the minis took part in the Mothercare section of the show and both Faith and mummy made our catwalk debuts.  Photographer Stuart Wilde was on hand on behalf of Lincoln Fashion Week to capture all the models strutting their stuff and took a particularly stunning one of Willow clearly enjoying being the centre of attention.

The Lincoln Mothercare staff didn’t get to meet the minis beforehand but made excellent selections for them.  Willow is a fan of bunny rabbits and liked spotting the ones peeking out from behind the flowers of the yellow floral prom dress and, with its full skirt and one of the neck bows peeping out of the side of the cute cardigan it was paired with, her outfit’s 1950s’ vibe pleased this mummy.

Luke is very slim and last year paperclips were deployed to prevent the trousers he was modelling falling around his ankles and disrupting his enthusiastic posing.  This year I’d remembered to bring safety pins with me but they were made redundant by the bibshorts that meant his shoulders took the strain.  Part of a set that included a stripy t-shirt (children always seem to look good in stripes, don’t they?), the outfit is part of the retailer’s Beside the Sea range and very redolent of summer.

Faith’s floral dress with yellow highlights matched her siblings outfits tonally and, quite used to the adoration a newborn attracts, took the whole proceedings in her stride (or in mummy’s stride anyway as she was obviously being carried).  What a good looking family we’d be if I could match their clothes so well each day?!  It would never work of course seeing  as Willow’s “age-appropriate behaviour” currently leaves her diametrically opposed to almost everything I suggest and we don’t usually make it through a day without at least one person needing a change of clothes at some point.

Mummy had a little wobble when first trying on the jeans she was allocated.  Clearly three months hasn’t been long enough to loose any baby weight (or four years to be more accurate seeing as she never lost it after having Luke let alone Willow or Faith) and she probably shouldn’t have had three slices of cake for lunch before heading to the show (in her defence it was very nice cake and oh my goodness doesn’t breastfeeding make you hungry?).

Fortunately I finally realised that the denim part was meant to stay below the waist and there was a stretchy bit that went over the “bump” (I mainly wore leggings during pregnancy so lacked jeans experience) and felt very hip and trendy at least temporarily due to their fashionable frayed knees.  The jeans were teamed with a striped blue nursing top (hopefully adults look good in stripes too) which was very comfortable and flattering and seemed to provide easy access (although I didn’t try it out in the middle of the catwalk!) and I’m quite tempted to treat myself to one if only the weather would stay consistently nice enough to prompt me to.

We only had the one outfit this year which was quite enough for daddy and mummy Malpi who were doing most of the undressing and dressing but as Luke left the catwalk saying “I want to do it again” we better make sure we sign up to Lincoln Fashion Week 2018 as soon as we can.  And, who knows, the minis might even get to play at hiding in the lockers in the changing room again because that seemed to be great fun too!

What we wore:
Luke – Bibshorts and T-Shirt Set
Willow – Yellow Floral Prom Dress and White Cardigan
Faith – Floral Dress and Knickers Set and White Purl Knit Cardigan
Mummy – Frayed Ribbed Knee Over the Bump Skinny Maternity Jeans and Striped Space Dye Wrap Front Nursing Top

Find more outfits at www.mothercare.com

Find out more about Lincoln Fashion Week via its Facebook page.