The autumn season is definitely upon us now and, as much as I love the colours of the falling leaves and the family celebrations it brings us, the change in the weather also means it’s time to put away the summer wear and bring out the long sleeves.

So when Swedish clothing company me&i offered to send us two items of clothing from their latest range to review I jumped at the chance.

The company’s ethos, encompassing organic gender-neutral baby clothing, design-led comfortable items for older children and an emphasis on ethical manufacturing, certainly appealed to me.

NAnd, as we discovered on their arrival, their soft, bright design, high-quality jersey fabric tops of choice didn’t disappoint.

First of all we had to make a choice.  If you know me, you’ll know I’m not generally the best at making decisions anyway, but the range of great designs offered by me&i’s current season made it even harder.

For Luke I almost chose the under water  top as I really liked the “dark ocean/black/orange” colour tones and he’s shown an interest in submarines recently but I finally settled on the motorcycles instead.  The first toys he ever fixated on to the point of us having to buy them as he wouldn’t walk away from them, Luke has long been interested in motorcycles, also often stopping to stare at the real thing and their riders (slightly embarrassing but they’ve usually been quite nice about it fortunately).

The brighter “turquoise/orange/black/rowanberry” palette also seemed to be the way to go seeing as I have been bemoaning the dark and dreary colours of the plain school uniform he’s forced to wear for most of the week – weekends should definitely be full of colour!

Plus, or so I thought, it would give me the perfect excuse to finally ask a friend if Luke could “try out” his bike – lots of fun for Luke and a great photo opportunity for me.  Sadly, as with all my best laid plans, Mother Nature had other ideas for my ambitions but fortunately the rain didn’t stop Luke’s play.

And mummy seems to not have chosen too badly as it’s been his top of choice ever since – so I can also attest that it washes well too!

VFortunately Willow also loves her new wardrobe addition.  The alligators with handbags tunic jumped out at me as just perfect for her.  Absolutely bag mad (and her collection even includes a crocodile one), she had also requested some storybooks with crocodiles in on the day I was choosing so it seemed just right.

EShe does, however, very much have her own sense of style and what she will and won’t wear, so the fact she chose it to wear on a playdate with one of her godmums to show off her bag collection, as well as to a park, for play time at home in the garden and even to her ballet class, was reassuring it was a good choice.  And, again, I already know it washes well.

(If you have a mini one who’s particularly enamoured by the creatures with toothy grins, me&i also offer a tennis alligator top).

The quality, comfort and range of fun designs as well as the company’s ethical stance meant that I knew I’d be keeping a look out for future season collections but their recent addition of the chubby bats range already means they’ve definitely won the fashion heart of this Halloween fan.

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