I’ve recently discovered the #SundaySevens series started by Natalie of Threads & Bobbins.  Designed to give space to the little things in the week that don’t necessarily warrant a full blog post but that you still want to record for yourself or share with others (click here to find out more), it seems a very fitting series for a blog about mini adventurers to join in with – so here’s my first one!

  1. Appointments and supermarkets 

I think one of the reasons this blog series caught my eye this week in particular is because it’s been a week of one medical appointment after another – four for Faith and one for Luke.  Obviously we’re incredibly grateful to be being looked after so well but it’s also been important to look for the fun moments in between all the logistical considerations and other such fun tasks as supermarket shopping.  The good news is Luke has been signed off from the ophthalmologist and Faith had her first trolley ride – much to the delight of Luke and Willow who were eager to take turns in sitting next to her which made this mummy’s heart smile.


2. Pirate week

It’s been pirate week at Luke’s nursery this week and, inspired by the book Funky Lunch: Happy Food for Happy Children by Mark Northeast, I discovered I had most of the ingredients to make him a pirate ship sandwich for lunch to help him set sail for an afternoon of adventure on the high seas.


3. Going on a Bear Hunt

Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt has always been part of the mini ones’ library and is currently Luke’s bedtime reading of choice.   Whilst we were waiting to be picked up from one appointment he prompted a lovely ten minutes of reenacting the ursine tale of not going under it, not going over it but having to go through the obstacles in our path.  Hopefully the shoppers passing by us understood the cultural reference rather than just thinking us slightly crazy…


4. Dreaming of ditching the rat race

What happens when you ditch the rat race and go rogue?  That’s the question my friend and former colleague Sarah Holt is asking herself in her new blog Backpacks & Yoga Mats.  A recent diagnosis with of a rare autoimmune disease caused Sarah to reevaluate how she was spending her time and she’s inviting us to share in her journey through her blog.  Whether you’re looking for inspiration to change your own path “and attempt to make a living from the things in life that make your skin tingle” before “you run out of diems to carpe” or are simply looking for a good read, it’s sure to be worth a click.


5. #Impvasion

Lincoln City FC have been hitting the headlines of the back pages for their impressive FA Cup run – Arsenal may have put an end to such dreams but not before daddy had the chance to convert the mini ones into ardent supporters too.

6. #BuffySlays20

Realising it’s been 20 years since Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer series premiered has made me feel just a little bit old this week but the show’s enduring popularity may mean I’ll be able to share it with my mini Scoobies one day without being too uncool a mum.


7. Real tennis

CBeebies’s Footy Pups played tennis one day this week so obviously that meant we had to too.  Cue toy saucepans for rackets, cardboard boxes and bubble wrap for a net and a cardboard ring for a sweatband and it turns out we might be raising the next Serena or Andy.