wbdlogoI love books.  I always have.  I learned to read before I went to school thanks to my mum, my degree is in literature, I’ve both attended and organised literary events and I wrote a books column in our local newspaper for the best part of eight years.

So the joy of World Book Day is a no brainer for me.  For years I’ve been looking at other people’s costume photos and thinking what fun it seemed.

The difference this year?  I actually had to do something about it myself!

Luke’s nursery was taking part and initially this was very exciting but as I’m currently juggling three under 5s including a newborn with numerous medical appointments and the dresser-up himself is coping with speech delay it didn’t make it easy.

lukepigI not only wanted Luke to take part if he wanted to but I wanted the character to be as much his choice as possible.  Fortunately in recent weeks the cardboard box daddy and I thought we had transformed into a rocket has actually been doubling as one of the three little pigs’ houses.  Luke likes me to knock and ask to come in – do all mums end up as the big bad wolf?  Just me? – and he loves to say “not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin” before I threaten to huff and puff and the cardboard box ends up pushed over on the floor.

This game (which fortunately didn’t take me too long to work out what he was saying despite I was sure we’d built a rocket) made me fairly sure Luke would like to be one of the piggies and sure enough this was the costume he chose to wear on the day.  Although when he’s asked he always seems to pick the house of sticks as his grand design so I’m not sure he’s understood the moral of the story yet…

willowpaintingObviously we left it all to the last minute and, unsure of whether the furry pink outfit we’d ordered would turn up in time, we took to Google for inspiration on easy to make costumes just in case.

Willow certainly enjoyed helping me paint the cardboard in preparation, quickly forgoing a brush in favour of the spreading it around with your hands technique.  Great fun apparently.

carboardAnd soon our kitchen floor was entirely taken over by paint drying.  We didn’t need to eat, did we?  We were on a diet of books!  (Daddy didn’t share this opinion when he came home apparently).

Can you guess what it is yet?

mrmissMr Strong and Little Miss Sunshine!

And this photo is probably about the closest we got to taking a picture of Luke and Willow wearing them at the same time despite Daddy getting up early the following morning to expertly if rather grumpily add all the details…  Maybe we can store them in the loft and try again next year?

We’ll definitely need a new outfit for Faith though as she’s sure to have outgrown her What the Ladybird Heard costume by then!