New charity aims to offer better cancer screening

#Blogtober18: Boobs #breastcancerawareness

Can you imagine making something positive out of a incurable cancer diagnosis?

One woman who’s reclaiming her power and doing precisely that is 65-year-old Barbara Delacy-Wrisdale.

Charity co-founder Barbara Delacy-Wrisdale

Following beating breast cancer nine years ago, she’s now been diagnosed with incurable secondary cancer of the liver.

But she’s determined to help others escape such a fate if possible and has co-founded a charity that aims to offer cancer survivors better screening.

Her niece, writer and editor Samantha Curtis, explains:

“Barbara has been galvanised into action. She has founded a charity which she hopes, with enough funding, will be able to offer cancer survivors a full body screening service, to aid the early detection of secondary cancers, should they occur after the five-year all-clear point.

“The Bessy Foundation breast cancer charity stands for Better Extra Screening Service for You.”

Sam has written more about Barbara’s story here – Listen to Barbara and live each and every day to the full, you can click here to like the charity’s Facebook page and, if you are able to help financially, click here to visit The Bessy Foundation’s Just Giving page.

If you’re based near Lincolnshire you can even enjoy a night out while helping to raise funds at the end of this month.  Elvis tribute act Tony Elding will be dedicating the proceeds of a raffle held during his show at Boston Football Club on Saturday, October 27th to the new charity.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Find out more at Breast Cancer Now and don’t forget to check yourself. 



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9 thoughts on “New charity aims to offer better cancer screening”

  1. What an amazing woman, although I am shocked that this isn’t offered as routine for all patients after treatment, I have heard and witnessed too many people who thought they were cancer free only for it to be found elsewhere.


  2. This lady is such an inspiration. It is awful that we don’t offer full body screening as routine but I also understand how strapped for cash the NHS is. It is also a shame the government do not help fund these charities 😦 #Blogtober18


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