Today we saw inside the car

Every situation is a learning opportunity isn’t it?

That’s what I tried to tell myself when, after I great deal of faff and effort, we finally had everyone in the car ready to go to swimming classes when it turned out the car itself wasn’t ready to go.

car photo 2Piling back into the house with one child greatly upset and the other finding it extremely funny and exciting, my husband then had to start the search for our insurance details.

Fortunately, whilst it turned out we’re only covered for roadside assistance and not if we breakdown on our own driveway, his call was dealt with efficiently and we soon had a lovely man from the RAC underneath our bonnet.

Attempting to redeem the situation, I thought I’d take the mini ones out to see the workings of the car, considering Luke especially is really interested in vehicles.

photo 2Turned out they were actually far more excited by being able to sit in mummy and daddy’s seats and rearranging everything that was in the front of the car instead but at least they were entertained and, one new battery later, the car was soon making far more promising noises again.

Cars are an endless source of issues aren’t they?  We spent ages deciding whether to buy a new one until the decision was very quickly made for us when the old one stopped.

We asked for the advice of friends and settled on a Vauxhall Zafira after several very helpful people confirmed its flexibility for us – On the road again – but of course no-one could foresee that some Zafiras were soon to be subject to a recall.  And now those same Zafiras are getting a second recall…  (Click here for more details).

Whilst we wait for our second letter from Vauxhall I hope that our car bursting into flames will not be our next learning opportunity.

Model behaviour

Lincoln Fashion Week

My 17 month old daughter currently doesn’t like wearing clothes.

My 3.5 year old son gets incredibly tired after nursery and, when he’s incredibly tired, he’s incredibly cranky.

So the day before they were due to take to the catwalk as part of Lincoln Fashion Week, when it had taken me more than an hour to dress my daughter that morning, I was beginning to question my decision to sign them up as models.

Photo: Lincoln Fashion Week

But, as I kept telling myself, you have to give your children the chance to surprise you – and that’s exactly what they did.

13241260_1099193756769710_7506725062638267186_nNot only were they very well behaved, they absolutely loved it!

Strutting their stuff down the catwalk in the Waterside Shopping Centre, they were wearing some adorable clothes from Boots Mini Club range and enjoyed posing in them at the end of the runway.

Their first outfit was holiday clothes and, whilst in my relief of it going so much better than I predicted I would have been happy to stop there, I was glad there was more to come for them as as soon as Luke left the catwalk he said “again, again”!

13227006_1099194080103011_70222504292201398_nThis is when we had a slight wobble.  When, mid change into the sleepwear outfits, Willow decided she wanted to try Luke’s socks on, he wasn’t as keen on the idea.  (Socks are quite a political area in our house at the moment).  Thanks to some quick distraction work on the part of Grandmum and one of the organisers, and Willow deciding her own socks might be preferable after all, the mini meltdown was quelled and we made it back out on to the stage.

The final outfit was occasion wear and even included a hat for Luke which he was very pleased about.  We haven’t often had the opportunities for dressing up so it definitely pleased this mummy to see her little ones looking so smart and gorgeous, even if only for a few minutes.

Now I’m definitely looking forward to #LincolnFashionWeek 2017!

Are your children interested in fashion?  Then they might be interested in this Printables post: Print is the New Black for Fashion Focused Youngsters.

Hello, hello, how are you?

Introducing The Mini Malpi

Does the year 2016 still sound futuristic to anyone else even though we’re living in it?

If time didn’t keep accelerating with your own advancing years anyway, a sure fire way to make sure it travels at supersonic speed is to have children and try not to blink whilst you watch them growing from tiny baby to toddler and beyond.

And, whilst they’re changing all the time, so are you and your family unit.  My cultural references certainly didn’t used to include the programme this post’s title alludes to until a couple of years ago.  And, while our telly seems to be permanently stuck on channel 121, our bookshelves have been refilled with lift the flaps, touch and feel and pop-up titles.

I started my parenting blogging journey for a local family magazine Molly’s Guide – click here to read my Luke’s Guide posts – and since then I’ve missed writing about our little adventures so decided that I should finally get on with setting up my own blog and so here it is.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them!