Another year older, another year wiser?

#Blogtober18: All About Me – A Year On

No dear reader, it isn’t my birthday quite yet, but rather the start of another #Blogtober18 – a blogging challenge of a post per day for 31 days either following prompts or choosing your own theme.

In last year’s opening post – On (not) keeping it simple – I wrote about the pitfalls of trying to stuff too much into life.  Clearly, as I start another #Blogtober 12 months on, I haven’t learnt my lesson but the pre-mum me wrote a lot and the current me misses that so I welcome any helpful nudge to remind me to fit a bit more of Karen as well as mum in my life.

I think the bit where I might be a bit wiser though is that I’m slightly more realistic about not completing it – after all I’ve still got June’s #30DaysWild posts to finish…

Last year I had a really good reason to truncate my efforts as Faith’s heart surgery was unexpectedly and suddenly brought forward – Putting the heart into Halloween.

This year I am praying not only that I won’t have such a justification but also to accept that I don’t need one anyway – surely a husband, three kids aged 6, 3 and 1 and two jobs is enough in itself to make anything else come at least seventh on the list?  Simply doing the admin required by school and nursery seems to be a full time occupation and then there’s the large amount of time I seem to dedicate to picking things up off the floor…

Photo: Merika Green

Last year I did manage to fit in a day’s papermaking course and a half-day lino printing Christmas card workshop, both of which I really enjoyed.  The return of #Blogtober reminded me of this and I have now booked myself into an evening’s beginners pyrography event to restart my aim to regularly try out a new craft.  Once or twice a year might not be frequent but it’s regular right?

Do you manage to fit in some “All About Me” time?  How?  And what do you choose to do with it when you can?  Let us know in the comments below…


Author: The Mini Malpi

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6 thoughts on “Another year older, another year wiser?”

  1. Welcome to Blogtober18, no surgery needed to just go at your own pace, with regards to ‘me time’ mine has always been very limited, but choosing to have seven children I never expected to have any, now that all seven children are in education I now find myself with more me time than I’ve ever had in my life, so I tend to fill it with dog walks and five blogs!


  2. I like that you are realistic, real life does kind of get in the way, but even if you don’t complete you can say you did have a go and maybe next year. Don’t pressure yourself otherwise you won’t enjoy it 🙂 #Blogtober18

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  3. Have you tried glass fusion? I have done a couple of short courses and they were so much fun. Especially leading up to Christmas where you can make some lovely decorations.



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